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Do you have a playful bunny? Order Now!
Try this popular rabbit toy. They roll it, toss and throw it.

Rabbit Toys - Treat Dispensing Ball for Rabbits

Testimonial: The Busy Pet Bunny ball is an absolutely wonderful toy that keeps the interest of all bunnies I've introduced it to. From big to small, active to passive and young to geriatric bunnies. I originally purchased the Busy Pet Bunny ball for my elderly bunny who had a very difficult time moving around - and he loved it! Since then, it was passed it on to my 7 month old bunnie who STILL love it 6 months later! They just can't get enough of this toy. I have shared the knowledge with fellow members of The House Rabbit Connection (a non profit rabbit rescue program in CT and MA) and they too have found The Busy Pet Bunny ball to be one of the most exciting toys for bunnies to enjoy! We plan to encourage future adopters to purchase this awesome product!
Mousta is an English Spot mix (9 lbs.) who absolutely LOVES her Busy Pet Bunny ball. She must have her ball filled with pellets and snacks whenever it is time to go back in her house. It is probably her favorite toy - if it's not filled quickly enough, she'll pick it up and toss it in her house so it rattles and gets my attention. She is my personal bunny.

Rabbit Treat Dispensing Toy Ball
Rabbit Playing with Toy Treat Ball
Lulu is a Mini-Rex (about 5 lbs) and she took to the Busy Pet Bunny ball very quickly! She is about 2 years old, mother of 2 litters and recently adopted out to Sam & Gail Sturgis in MA (May 10, 2003). She was in my care for a month under the foster program for The House Rabbit Connection.

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D. LeCuyer of Stafford Springs, CT

Rabbit: A Treat Dispensing Roll Toy for your Rabbit. The clear ball lets your rabbit see their favorite treats inside. You can use the ball with or without treats. The ball also has a colorful pea inside to make some sound and is eye appealing to the pet. Once you start putting into the ball your rabbit's favorite treats, that scent will become the new attraction. You can use a wide variety of treats, food or veggies. Whatever goes into the ball thru the openings will come out randomly. The pea will stay inside. Empty or full the "Busy Pet Toy" for rabbits is "Great Fun!" Click here to order

Order #90101 - 2.5" ball for small rabbits (tennis ball size) - $4.95
Order #90202 - 4.5" ball for large rabbits - $8.95

Recommended by the "House Rabbit Society" and sold at their Southeastern PA-Deleware Chapter

"Try One" - Your bunny will love you for it.

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